Our Team Approach

PDC’s highly skilled professionals, all specialists in early childhood, are trained in a number of important disciplines…


Developmental Specialists

Untitled2PDC’s Developmental Specialists have advanced degrees in Early Childhood and Special Education.

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Physical Therapy

Untitled3PDC’s Physical Therapists help children to develop their gross motor skills.

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Occupational Therapy

Untitled5Occupational Therapists place special emphasis on a child’s hand usage.

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Speech/Language Therapy

Untitled4Our Speech and Language Pathologists are experts in communication skills.

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Psychology/Social Work

Untitled6These team members work with children who are demonstrating behavioral and emotional concerns.

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nursingThe PDC nurse works with families to monitor a child’s health and medical status.

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PDC Staff

Executive Director

Maureen Atwood

Program Director

Melissa Roller

Asst. Program Director

Lynn Meyers

PDC South Program Director

Terri Sash

Team Leaders

Terry Kardasen

Lynn Meyers

Laurie Shaw

Diane Farella

Sarah Lynn

Occupational Therapists

Maureen Atwood

Amy Puntin

Heidi Ferren

Gillian Spoehr

Kelsey McMeekin

Maeve Denning

Megan Codini

Physical Therapists

Melissa Roller

Paula Reis

Physical Therapy Asst.

Helen Ward


Virginia DeMarco

Teacher Assistants

Adrienne Hamilton

Developmental Specialists

Shannon Ciuk

Catherine Decker

Sara Jarvie

Terry Kardasen

Lynn Meyers

Nanciann Ryer

Maria Elaskar-Stack

Vinnie Szymanski

Laurie Shaw

Sandra Seefeldt

Speech Pathologists

Kate DeMarco

Terri Sash

Katie Young

Diane Arduini

Carly Seibald

Speech Assistants

Catherine Astore

Danielle Serafin

Social Workers & Psychologists

Lisa Baumbach

Marti Elliott

Diane Farella

Mary Gerrard

Julie LeBlanc

Samantha Zawistowski

Autism Specialists

Sarah Lynn, Coordinator

Fiona Tozer-Hayes

Adrienne Hamilton

Mary Thigpen

Business Staff

Administrative Assistant

Courtney Kenyon

Janis Brinton


Green River Books Inc.

Billing Management

Tammy Laurin

Tami Neilson

Vision Specialist

Caren Mercer

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