Referrals to PDC may be made by concerned parents/guardians, pediatricians, medical specialists, social service agencies, child care providers, hospitals and medical centers.

A referral entitles a child to a developmental assessment to determine eligibility.  If a child is eligible and the parent would like services, they are welcomed as a new “PDC family.”

The program provides services for children who are:

  • given a diagnosis that may affect their development
  • medically fragile
  • developmentally delayed in motor, cognitive, and/or speech/language areas
  • demonstrating behavioral concerns
  • at-risk for developmental delays

Together with parents, the PDC team creates an individualized program to meet the needs of each child and family.

If you have a concern about a child under age three, please give us a call to initiate the referral process. Our intake coordinator will get right back to you with further information and an appointment to meet with you and your child.

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